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Republican convention planners think having a Rocker that backed Barack Obama in the last Presidential race play when delegates gather in Tampa might bring some of his fans into the Mitt Romney camp too.  Politico reports that Kid Rock will Rock the party faithful at the party convention in Florida  The Motor City Rocker is scheduled to take the stage at Liberty Plaza August 29 for the 'Wheels Up' celebration closing the gathering. An additional 'major act' for that night will be announced soon.  Lynyrd Skynyrd will entertain delegates and fans August 26 and Country star Trace Adkins makes an appearance August 28.  Even though expenses appear to be offset by deep pocketed sponsors, party organizers hope the concert appearances will raise a good chunk of change for various veterans programs, including the Wounded Warrior Project.  A special package including tickets to all three concerts and seating in an air-conditioned suite will set you back $10,000.