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Original Woodstock organizer Michael Lang will go into direct competition with Live Nation's concert on the original site marking the 50th anniversary of the original festival. Lang told Rolling Stone Magazine that his event will also be on the Weekend on August 16,17 and 18, but will take place at Watkins Glen, the site near Ithaca New York that hosted a 1973 concert with The Band, The Allman Brothers Band and the Grateful Dead that drew an even bigger crowd than the 1969 Woodstock did. 
We guessed Lang's lineup would be geared to like minded music tastes, while Live Nation would serve up a less homogeneous roster of artists, but Lang says the one he is heading will " an eclectic bill. It's be hip-hop and rock and some pop and some of the legacy bands from the original festival." 
It'll be interesting to see which lineup convinces the most people to show up, and whether those that do experience 3 days of peace, love and music or, price gouging, pilfering and chaos.