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AC/DC's legendary front man Bon Scott met his end on this day in 1980. He'd been left in a car to sleep off a night of revelry in a London club and was reportedly discovered dead the following day. While there has been some dispute over the details of his death, the official cause remains 'acute alcohol poisoning'.

Rockers of note born on February 19th include Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi and Spirit's Mark Andes, both on this day in 1948.

Ozzy Osbourne added another notch to his notoriety on 2/19/1982 when he relived himself on the base of The Cenopath, a San Antonio, Texas monument erected in 1939 to honor those who died in the Battle of the Alamo.

His choice of facility inevitably led to the story getting turned into him having taken a leak on the Alamo itself and did manage to result in him being banned from setting foot at the fort for a decade.

And one of the oddest reasons for a concert's cancellation went down on this day in 1993 when a cricket infestation caused Elton John's Melbourne, Australia concert to get nixed.